Reimagine Reimbursements

When employees use the Reimburse Network their business expenses will be automatically added to a smart contract for employers to seamlessly process reimbursements. Employees will no longer have to scan, take pictures of, or transcribe receipts and employers will be able to quickly approve and reimburse expenses.

Simple & Efficient

Reducing Friction in Reimbursements


Make business related purchases at vendors around the world that are automatically logged on the blockchain. No more filling out expense reports!


Smart contracts enable organizations to privately collect detailed and accurate employee expense data in real-time. No more manual expense categorization!


Expenditures are attached to the ledger immediately and reimbursement amounts can be seamlessly reconciled. No more processing expense reports!

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    Employee Purchases

    When you make business-related purchases using the Reimburse App you will be able to make direct payments to ERC20 wallets, make atomic swaps with other cryptocurrencies, or pay via integrations with traditional fiat payment gateways.

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    Smart Contracts

    Every transaction logged on the blockchain includes the customizable expenditure category, the amount of REIM spent, and the moment-in-time USD/BTC/ETH equivalent. As soon as an expenditure occurs it fits neatly into the organization's ledger.

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    Employer Reimbursements

    As soon as an employee makes a business related transaction it is accessible to the employer via the organization's smart contract. You can reimburse employees with Reimburse Token, other cryptocurrencies via atomic swaps, or with fiat using integrations with traditional employee payment systems.


Download Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper for a more technical explanation of how Reimburse will work
The whitepaper is still a work in progress

Last updated: TBD


Bringing the Reimburse Ecosystem to Life


Build Smart Contracts

Q2 2018

Demonstrate test-network showing the transfer of employee purchase data to organizational ledger

Mobile Transactions

Q4 2018

Launch iOS and Android wallet applications which enable employees use their Reimburse Tokens to make atomic swaps with other cryptocurrencies and send funds to vendors' digital wallets


Organizational Interface

Q1 2019

Provide user-friendly interface for accounting departments to view transactions made by employees and ability to reimburse them directly via cryptocurrency or by exporting the amount owed to their traditional USD payment systems

Network Goes Live

Q2 2019

Launch the integrated main network consisting of the employee mobile app, employer web app, and Reimburse smart contract


Flexible Payments

Q3 2019

Mobile wallets expand to include integration with various payment gateways including fiat and cryptocurrency systems. Web application expanded to enable organizations to plug their existing accounting systems into the Reimburse API

The Team

I'm currently a team of one.
But if you're with me so far, let's at least make it one minute further.

I've been in tech for 10+ years and have worked in engineering, UX, copywriting, marketing, project management, and executive leadership. I created the Reimburse business plan, built* this website, designed the branding assets, created the social media presences, coded* the token in solidity, wrote the white paper, and am building the mobile app.

But obviously Reimburse needs a team to survive and thrive.

Fortunately, I've hired and led several successful teams. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to go out and hire people to fill the roles necessary to build Reimburse into what it can be. That's where the "ICO" comes in.

All that said, I currently have a job that I cannot afford to leave. I understand if the current lack of a team or the fact that I won't yet include my LinkedIn scares you off. But if you have any questions I'd be happy to talk you:

*Of course nothing is built from scratch these days. So thanks to colorlib for the website template and to ethereum for doing most of the hard part.

Token Usage

The ReimburseToken (REIM) is necessary for Employees and Organizations to transact in the Reimburse ecosystem. It is the hub by which Employees make transactions and by which Organizations track expenditures. With a finite supply of REIM, as employee transactions against fiat equivalents grow, the tokens increase in value. Using 18 decimals ensures that employees will be able to make transactions of all sizes, whether purchasing a pencil or booking a trip.

Contract Address: 0xb939c757bdfc75e28e1ae2b8c1a4640180b6087e
Etherscan | Ethplorer
Symbol: REIM