Reimburse Token "ICO"

The initial exchange of REIM tokens will be on open markets rather than via a first-come-first-serve smart contract. A fixed amount of tokens will be available at the exchange rates outlined below which will fund the initial team.

The Human Capital Management industry is projected to grow to $22.5 billion in 2022

When Reimburse Tokens facilitate 1% of these transactions their market capitalization will be $225 million

If no REIM are available, please be patient as I refill the exchange wallet



Total Supply

108 million


Initial REIM Available

48.6 million

First 5,000,000 (90 ETH)

0.000018 ETH/REIM

Next 10,000,000 (190 ETH)

0.000019 ETH/REIM

Last 33,600,000 (672 ETH)

0.000020 ETH/REIM

Total ETH in Initial Exchange

952 ETH

This is the wallet containing the tokens available for the initial offering: 0xe406E214017b1576D385B8278B4E734ea58a8c6d

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